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B. Leaf believes the effectiveness, technology and active ingredients as well as their sources are all crucial parts of ensuring our products to be the most active on the market today. Our botanicals, vitamins, minerals, cosmeceuticals and acids, are known to produce an array of skin enhancing benefits. 

None of our products contain animal-based ingredients and we employ a cruelty free — eco responsible manufacturing policy. B. Leaf’s collection of advanced cellular skincare products embody the highest standards of purity. Our products target skin on a molecular level speeding up the cell renewal process. 

Our formulations are clinically tested to ensure results such as: significant wrinkle depth reduction; improvement in elasticity; enhanced collagen production; superior pigment and sebum balancing properties as well as smoothing and desensitizing of irritated skin. Recent innovation and research in the field of cosmetic science make possible a variety of ingredients that are far more effective than ever before. 

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 Oily skin is typically a hereditary trait that is caused by overactive sebaceous glands. An excessive production of sebum creates larger pores which can become clogged with oil and dirt and lead to acne. Oily skin can often be managed through the use of products that are astringent targeting topical congestion and absorbing oil.



Rosacea is a skin condition often resulting in redness of the face and characterized by flushed cheeks. Sensitive skin is becoming more common due to increased sun exposure, stress, lifestyle, allergies and environmental factors. Skin of either of these types is often inflamed or irritated and is generally worse in areas with fewer sebaceous (oil) glands. These skin types benefit from gentle cleansing, regular exfoliation, hydrating and nourishing treatments plus protection from further irritation.



Sun exposure, aging, heredity and hormonal fluctuations can result in  areas of uneven skin tone typically referred to as hyperpigmentation. This potent natural skin brightening collection encourages cellular turnover while resisting hyperpigmention without the use of hydroquinone. Botanical extracts enhanced with Vitamin C resist sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles that diminish the appearance of your skin. Non irritating and suitable for most skin types or conditions



Aging is a normal process of physical change that occurs over time but factors such as sun, smoking and alcohol can accelerate the process. To optimize the appearance of this skin type, it is essential to select products that exfoliate and remove dull skin cells. Application of products containing vitamins, botanical extracts and cellular nutrition, such as plant butters and oils, will enhance hydration and offset dryness that occurs in the natural aging process.



Normal skin is generally clear and smooth, with few blemishes and with even skin tone and texture. Pores tend to be small and decongested with a natural equilibrium of sebum production. To maintain a healthy balance product should be chosen that stimulates circulation, removes minor impurities, maintains and corrects fluctuations and most importantly protects the delicate balance already present in this skin type.


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We strive to bring the skin to its full potential with effective medical grade skincare. Enhancing the beauty in each of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best service and product on the market. 


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Here at B. Leaf we have an angel in our lives that has guided us to know that we can achieve anything we are passionate about by simply believing in ourselves. This angel has made an extraordinary difference in our lives and always reminds us to B.Leaf anything is possible. 


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