Have you started noticing small brown spots on your skin? If so, you’re not alone. Many patients who have spent extended time in the sun are vulnerable to experiencing accelerated signs of premature aging on their face, hands and decollate.  Restore a more youthful-looking complexion with a photo facial treatment.


Remove Sun Spots


Renew Skin


Get Younger-looking Skin


Get Brighter, Clearer Skin

How it Works

Venus Concept’s IPL face treatment is a simple, non-surgical way to effectively target pigment under the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of discoloration and premature aging. There is minimal discomfort and typically only some redness for about a day afterward. With an IPL photofacial, you can achieve noticeably brighter, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin.


15-20 Minute Treatments


Customizable Treatments for Maximum Results


Quick and Comfortable


Little to No Downtime

a Safe Way to get younger looking skin

Repair your skin, remove the sun damage spots, and get younger, brighter, clearer skin. All our treatments are safe, effective, and easy. 


Lasts 12-18 Months


Natural, Long Lasting Results


Most Patients Receive 4-5 Treatments per Area


Highly Effective Technologies that Provide Noticeable Results

Jodi is great. She is so nice and knowledgeable. She gave me advice for treatments and products that would be helpful and told me the ones that I don’t need. Her IPL facials have made my skin much nicer.

- Heidi

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Let the trained staff at B.Leaf help you get the perfect personalized treatment plan for the results you desire. 

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